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Hiking or hiking or adventure tourism is a hike with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the natural beauty. Hiking through natural landscapes that includes carrying the necessary equipment and everything you need is a very popular recreational activity around the world, and in recent decades in the Balkans.

Terms hiking and trekking are terms taken from the English language and there are not entirely adequate expressions in Serbian, Croatian, or Bosnian to explain the essential meaning of these activities (the nearest one is pedestrian tourism).

Trekking is a multi-day hike, i.e. hiking in mountainous and rural areas, and includes overnight stays in the countryside – usually in a tent, and it is possible to use abandoned belts or other natural shelters. Trekking does not require special training or technical knowledge, but strong will, good condition, and some specific equipment are enough.

Hiking usually requires good physical fitness and involves walking several kilometers each. Sometimes it's necessary to climb steep mountainsides.

Hiking and trekking equipment is no different than hiking (not alpinist). When it comes to equipment and skills needed for trekking, it should be noted that except in cases where you go to familiar terrain and if you do not go with a guide, a topographic map and elementary knowledge of cartography and orientation in nature is necessary. It's good to own a GPS device.

Trio Lux Resort hiking adventures

Trio Lux Resort offers different hiking and recreational hiking routes and depending on the desires and physical fitness of interested guests, categories of heavy, almost alpinist, medium-heavy and light slopes are available.

During one of the complicated routes, between Tientish and Maglic, measuring 22 km, is encountered by a landscaped viewpoint from which to view of the Perucica rainforest and grasshopper waterfall. Something easier paths stretch from Prijevor to Trnovački Lake, four kilometers long, as well as a two-kilometer track between Lower Barra to the Borić viewpoint, from which it extends views of the Maglic-Volujsk-Bioc mountain ranges, the Perucic rainforest, and The Gatekeeper canyon and Sutjeska. When visiting Sutjeska National Park in the form of walking or hiking, rare plant species can be found, almost endemic, and many of them are healing.

Nacionalni park “Sutjeska” je najstariji nacionalni park u Bosni i Hercegovini in which the last poznata prašuma u Evropi “Perućica”. This landscape adorns the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Maglić, 2386 meters high, as well as Mountains Zelengora, Volujak, and Bioč.

Maglic spans the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.