Canyoning is a special kind of activity or adrenaline adventure that has only become current and attractive throughout the Balkans in recent years. It takes place in canyons, the river flows that formed in the rocky area and roads through mountain ousts formed by mountain river flows, in canyons where the waterway has been grinding rocks for thousands of years and on its way to create unusual, rarely difficult accessible and barely passable pools, whirlpools, rapids, and waterfalls.

Dealing with canyoning requires special physical preparation and very often canyoning participants in crossing obstacles are exposed to exceptional physical efforts. Canyoning has no age restrictions, is virtually seven to 77 years old, and has gained enormous popularity worldwide in recent years. Canyoning is definitely a special kind of adventure that requires special equipment for all participants – a static rope that is placed on waterfalls, carabinieri, belts, helmet, and diving suit that is needed in most cases. The diving suit will alleviate the feeling of cold in the water and you will be able to completely indulge in adrenaline enjoyment.

In essence, canyoning is an adrenaline recreational sport that represents descending down river canyons and slipping through narrow streams. During canyoning, various landing techniques such as hiking, swimming, multi-meter-high water jumping, diving, and all with proper protective equipment and waterproof ropes are used.


Remote and hidden in undisputed terrain, Nevidio Canyon is one of the most beautiful and attractive canyons for this type of recreation.

It belongs to the central part of Montenegro and is an integral part of the Komarnica River, which flows at the foot of the southern part of Durmitor. Most of the canyon is in constant shadow because of the high sharp rocks, so the sun doesn't reach the bottom. The width of the canyon in some parts is less than one meter, and Nevidio Canyon itself is abundant with narrow slopes and sparkling waterfalls such as "Grasshopper" which, from 70 meters high rock, scatters the water of the Grabovica River and pours into komarnica.

With the help of experienced guides Trio Lux Resort, you have the opportunity to experience safe canyoning for three to four hours in groups of 4 to 6 people, while at the same time enjoying the beauty of an unexplored nature that can only be seen in this way. For this reason, Nevidio Canyon is the true "jewel" of Montenegro and the entire Balkans.


There is an even more attractive and demanding canyon – the Canyon of the River Hrcavke, located on Mount Zelengora and through its entire course passes through the national park "Sutjeska". There are two directions to canyoning and both last about three to four hours. Hrcavka Canyon is the last discovered canyon in Europe and poses an even greater challenge for adventurers and enthusiasts of this adrenaline sport.

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