The region around Foca city is rich in a variety of forest complexes, rivers, vast mountain oustings, which are perfect conditions for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

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The hunting area of the National Park "Sutjeska" belongs to the hunting area of Zelengora deployed in 12 reserves on a territory of about 55,000 hectares.

The breeding species of wildlife are available from deer, divorces, foxes, rabbits, wolves, bears, and large Streb.

In NP "Sutjeska" there are numerous hunting and technical facilities in the form of hunting checks for observation and a large number of hunting trails.

The complete hit within the NP "Sutjeska" is carried out on the basis of the established plan and program approved by the ministry.

Many rivers and lakes are available for fishing enthusiasts. Among the most visited are Orlovacka, Kotlaničko, Strinsko, Bijelo, Black, and Lake Lower Bare, and the most prevalent fish species in these waters are young men, plan, trout, net, and clan.

Sports fishing company "Mladica" is running about 250 km of local river flows.


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