Due to the mountain massifs and hilly trails, the National Park "Sutjeska" is very attractive for excursions with off-road vehicles, or some more famous safaris.

The Sutjeska Safari Park consists of a tour of the Perućica rainforest overlooking the 80-meter high Skakavac waterfall, where it continues to Prijevor, from where you can see the highest peaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglić, and Volujak, Bioč and Zelengora.

Through Prijevor you will find traditional village katuns and hunting lookouts where you can take a break. The safari continues with a tour of the historical monument dedicated to the battle of Sutjeska and ends with a picnic and swimming on Trnovačko Lake, which is heart-shaped. Safari through NP "Sutjeska" is breathtaking and an unforgettable experience for fans of this form of tourism.


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